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Reason is because blogspot is easier to use and post. Also im wasting money renewing my old domain since i use free hosting and most of them are garbage.
So, from now on my official website is

New album will be called "Sonic V"

2011-04-24 11:10:09 by 100Modem

..and its like a tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog. Each song will have a level theme, like a song that will fit in "Emerald Hill zone" etc. Im really liking working on this album, im having more fun then the previous one, reason is i dont have to record lyrics.

New album will be called "Sonic V"

Ive stop working on the album i was recording since 2010. Reason: i dont like my vocals.
But ive already started a new one that will sound like something you would hear in a Sonic game.


"Yes! Ive finally decided that the new album will be called "Second Experiment". There weren't much names in the table to select, and this one i think is what best describes the new album: an experiment. And since its my second one... well, it makes sense."

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2010-11-20 13:28:07 by 100Modem

Hello all
I haven't upload anything since 2008, because my project was on hiatus. After 2 years I decided to return and make a new album. Ive uploaded the song "Obey Me". If you compare it to my other 2 audio submissions theres a bit of differences between the sound style. This second album will have vocals, guitars and drums.

I hope you like the new music and support me by just keep listening to my tracks, and for that, i thank you.



2008-02-18 13:58:58 by 100Modem